A Symphony of FPV Drone Crashes and Fails

Here’s most of what I could gather from 2016’s crashes. Placed in no chronological order, you can easily notice how much pain was felt with each crash. If I had to count in total all the gear that was broken it 2016, including more crashes which I don’t have video’s of as I used to use a crappy action cam before the GoPro, it would be …

7 Lumenier 2206 2350KV motors
1 Immersion RC 600mw VTX
0 TBS Triumphs
2 KISS ESC’s in bad crashes
6 KISS ESC’s because I’m retarded at soldering
2 KISS FC’s for the same reason as the last
1 Impulse RC Alien 5″ top plate
approx. 50 sets of HQ 5040×3 Props
1 GoPro Hero 4 Session
and 2 4S LiPo’s

– ImpulseRC 5″ Alien
– Lumenier 2206 2350KV
– KISS FC – from MaltaRotors
– KISS 24A – from MaltaRotors
– HQ 5040X3(Black/Yellow) – MaltaRotors
– HS1177
– TBS Core PNP50 – from MaltaRotors
– TBS Triumph CP antenna – from MaltaRotors
– TBS Unify Pro VTx
– GoPro Hero 4 Session – from Dickens

Batteries I use:
MaltaRotors 1300Mah 65C 4S

Big Thanks to the people who help to keep me flying 🙂
MaltaRotors – https://maltarotors.com/
HQ Prop – http://www.hqprop.com/
Dickens – http://dickens.com.mt/
GoPro – https://gopro.com/

Song Name: Chopin – Nocturne op.9 No.2 – Andante
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